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Clean Energy Corridors

Sustained economic growth across the globe is leading to steadily expanding demand for energy and associated generation capacity to maintain economic momentum. With falling technology costs and rising fossil fuel prices, renewable power technologies are increasingly competitive. Even key energy exporters are considering renewable energy options to reduce domestic fossil fuel consumption and preserve oil and gas reserves for export. The deployment of renewable energy in a regional context can enhance access to reliable and affordable electricity supply through expanded grid infrastructure; improve security of supply through resource diversification; reduce carbon emissions; and foster new investment and employment opportunities.

IRENA’s Clean Energy Corridor aims to support the integration of cost-effective renewable power options in national systems, promote its cross-border trade and to support the creation of regional markets for renewable power. Tailored to the specific needs and priorities of each Corridor region, its implementation builds upon synergies with regional initiatives and rests upon the core pillars on resource assessment, national and regional planning, enabling frameworks for investment as well as associated activities on capacity building, public awareness and political support.

The concept is being implemented through action plans customised for each region. Its aims are to support the implementation of enabling frameworks that attract timely and sufficient financial resources; identify and develop cost-effective renewable power options; and encourage the reliable integration of higher shares of renewables into electricity systems.

Coalition for Action

PENSIA and 10 players in renewable energy from ASEAN jointly established a Coalition for Action to promote the wider and faster uptake of renewable energy technologies.

The PENSIA Coalition for Action forms a key international network to discuss industry trends, determine actions, share knowledge and exchange best practices with the vision to drive the global energy transition in line with the Sustainable Development Goal on energy. Its mission is to convene a global dialogue amongst non-governmental and governmental stakeholders to develop actions to increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix.

International Training and Capacity Building

The PENSIA offers interactive training across a range of topics. It features a variety of formats from group training to individual work placements (secondments). Training is offered both at the PENSIA headquarter, in Kuala Lumpur, and in participing countries. In either case, the aim is to establish ongoing working relationships with participating countries for continual capacity building, as well as two-way information exchange.

How to participat

PENSIA training is targeted at central government officials and key national stakeholders, such as executive agencies and private-sector organizations. Some courses are intended for specific experts (e.g. energy statistics), while others are targeted at a diverse audience of managers and policy makers. By learning about PENSIA approaches and methodologies, which enjoy an international reputation for quality and rigour, participating countries will be better equipped to pursue their national energy aspirations and to align themselves to the global context and trends.

Generally training is delivered in English (although interpretation in another language is possible in special cases).

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